To be the most delicious source of positive energy in the world




We will thrill our customers with our products and service.




We are addicted to smiles
- We want the visit to our shop to be the highlight of your day
- We really like to play

 We have a positive effect on our environment
- Our community will benefit from our business because it’s the right thing to do
- We do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment

We never compromise
- Our employees make our brand
- We only serve products in which we are 100% confident


James Peters

Master Ninja - South Africa
For all your Event Enquiries around South Africa, please contact James on the details below!
Tel: +27 71 646 5717

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Debbie Marais

Bean Counter
Debbie ensures that the business end of the business runs as it should. In between all this she also manages to find the time to run her own business as well as pop off every now and again for a mani-pedi. She is a woman, so she can do anything.

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Alec Fester

Official Taster
Alec has not done as many things as Anton, but he loves tasting new ice cream combinations! He started school in 2011, is a keen chess player and loves tinkering with Lego. Alec wants to be a chef AND a doctor when he grows up.



Ching was a Captain in the Japanese Special Forces. He has mastered the use of all known (and some unknown) weapons. While on a mission, he once eliminated 10 enemy soldiers with nothing more than a paper clip and an elastic band. His resting heartbeat is 35 bpm.


Chong is a world-renowned computer programmer and karaoke legend. On a dare, he hacked the CIA (left hand) and KGB (right hand) networks simultaneously within 60 seconds. He is most famous for singing James Blunt songs for 64 hours straight without getting sick.


This former model is a master of disguise. Her well-trained ear enables her to mimic any voice or sound. She is most recognized for a recent big-screen acting role that won her an Academy Award for best male actor in a leading role. She has a shoe fetish.